Mira gearbox drain and fill plug locations?


Hi all. I am new here and am wanting to change the gearbox oil in my 1995 Daihatsu Mira (as it is called in New Zealand). I am unsure if I have located the fill and drain plugs correctly. Below is a link to a marked up photo of the gearbox. Could someone who knows about these things advise if I have the correct plugs?

Also any advice on how to get the new oil in? Perhaps through a plastic tube with a funnel on top?

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Thanks for the response Georg

Thanks for the response George. My email address is eval(unescape('%64%6f%63%75%6d%65%6e%74%2e%77%72%69%74%65%28%27%3c%61%20%68%72%65%66%3d%22%6d%61%69%6c%74%6f%3a%67%62%65%40%6f%72%63%6f%6e%2e%6e%65%74%2e%6e%7a%22%3e%67%62%65%40%6f%72%63%6f%6e%2e%6e%65%74%2e%6e%7a%3c%2f%61%3e%27%29%3b'))

Thanks for the remarked photo

Thanks for the remarked photo you sent me via email George. Despite your appreciated efforts, I find myself still not confident about the position of the drain plug.

The drain plug I pointed to in the photo (in black) is partially obscured by a piece of the gearbox housing. It is a big plug and is at right angles to the one you indicate (in red) - shown here in case someone else would like to comment:

In the cd manual I recently received from Daihatsu-drivers.co.uk, the drain and fill plugs are shown on an exploded diagram as I have indicated - shown here:

I do not find this diagram clear as to precisely where the plugs are. I am happy that we have found the fill plug, but the drain plug is shown at right angles to it (and the one you indicate).

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PS. Here is a better photo of what I originally thought may be the drain plug:

Re: Thanks for the remarked photo

I might be wrong, but listen - I've found it accidentally. Here's a short story- when I bought my Cuore, the first thing I was going to replace was the engne oil. There was no decent inspection pit around and I for some reason decided that the plug marked on my photo is the one. I went ahead and unscrewed it, the oil came out freely, but amazingly it was about 1 liter of it. It was really strange, so I decided to go for service. On the way to the service, in about 6 km away from home, when I changed the gear from 2-nd to 3-rd I heard the gear squeal and it continued till I shifted it back to 1st. I realised that it was gear oil (which I let out at home) and not the engine. The guys at the service confirmed it-the gearbox was completely empty. And they re-filled it with a tool, similar to one I gave you a link to. It took 1 liter approx.
Here's my experience. Lol I was lucky I didn't screw up the gear box completely.
Yes, and where did yo get "cd manual" . What makes does it cover Unknw
Please check if there's anything about Cuore with L80 chassis in it! I want to buy it for myself.

Hi George and thanks for your

Hi George and thanks for your "story". Amazing your gearbox was ok after that. I bought the cd manual from this website, ie Daihatsu Drivers uk. It covers the cuore/mira L500 L501. Sorry no L80. You could leave a search in ebay and one may come up there. I recently saw one there for a Daihatsu mira 1980something to 1992.

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why dont you just take it to

why dont you just take it to a garage?

i was not sure where the gear box, and transfer box oil drains were so took it to the local mechanic, he showed me, and also changed the oil in both the gear box and transfer box, for 15quid!

anyone wana ride in my hovercraft!