Fourtrak not starting!!!!!!!!!!!!!



my fourtrak won't start, it has been fine up until today, it has occasionally been starting second time but it has always started.

I turn the ignition on to wait for the glow plug light go off, there is a loud clicking noise coming from the engine bay it seams to click on and off about 5 times. then i turn it to kick the engine over and it doesn't even get close to turning over.

I tried for about 30 mins to jump start it with leads from a volvo and it was still the same, which leads me to think that it might not be a battery problem?

any ideas?



Starter motor.

If it clicks and the engine does not turn over .... starter motor is broken or its solenoid faulty.


i had the same problem i needed a couple of new glow plugs been fine ever since

Ok The loud clicking you hea

The loud clicking you hear, accompanied by a dimming of the instrument lights with each click, is the glowplug relay. Its the black plastic covered box on the right hand side inner wing, between the battery and the wing. It is supposed to click like that. Try turning the ignition on, wait for 15 secs, then off, and on again for about another 15 to 30 secs before attempting to start it. Then try to start it with the accelerator flat to the floor. My guess would also be one or more dud glow plugs. You could try a squirt of an ether based starting spray ( Easystart, Start Ya Bastard, ect) Just dont use too much of it.


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