replaceing bigends in gtti


i have to replace the big ends in my 91 gtti. i have never driven this car yet!!!.
brought as a project. what i do know is that it has had some mods done to the engine. what thay are i havent a clue. it used to be someones pace car for a rally. and from what i have found out its vary vary fast.
what i want to know is. should i uprate the bottem end or just put standed parts in.
so any help would be gd. thanks


Hey Gazza,

Just put standard ones in, obviously check if the crank is within tolerance and replace that if need be.

The bottom ends on these are very strong, steel crank, decent rods and forged pistson all as standard.




ok thanks for that.
i was tolds the best way to take the engine out was to drop it down. rather than bring it up.

You can do the big end bearin

You can do the big end bearings with the engine still in.

I'm unsure of the exact way to do it myself, but if you pop on over to, the guys there will be able to help.

When you register make sure you use a non hotmail/yahoo e-mail and remember to include your location.



engine out

i diden explain myself well then. its just a want to take it out. cause i am going to strip the engine down and start again. make sure everything is right in there b4 i fire it up again.