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I have a Terios, and I am interested in taking the vehicle off road. I want to know:

1. Can the Vehicle drive through knee deep water? If it can would water get into the interior of the vehicle? If it can't what modifications can I have done to the vehicle to allow it to drive through deep water?

2. Can the suspension be raised? and what would be the largest size tyre the vehicle can take?

3. If I were able to increase the vehicle's ground clearance, how much of a danger would roll-over be?

Terios Modifications

1) It all depends what you class as knee deep water. If you are 4'2" then would be easy, but if you are 10' tall then would be a bit more dubious. From what I have read about the Terios it is suprisingly capable for a 4x4 that was designed for very little offroad use, more capable than the Suzuki Jimney infact. I would say it could probably do a reasonable depth as long as you didn't drop the revs or get anything too important into the water such as the air filter. Water getting into the interior all depends how good the door seals are and how air tight they are. Obviously over time from all the door openning and closing and the wind catching the doors a couple of times and pulling them wide open they to tend to not be a tight seal as you would expect/want. To allow your Terios to drive through deep water easir the usual modifications would count. Raising the height, snorkel, etc.

2) I am not sure what sort of suspension the Terios has, so not sure how easy it would be to raise but whatever sort you could probably add a couple of inches atleast probably. Largest wheels you could put on all depends on how much you raise it and if you have any arch modifications. I can't give too much info as I not know what size they currently are on a standard Terios.

3) An increase in ground clearance would obviously increase the risk of rollover, unless you had harder suspension to reduce the lean on cornering, but best thing would be to just corner slower.

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Modifications to the Terios

I am Jeff Zaiham from Malaysia.

We have many Terios "compatible" vehicles in Malaysia. Here its called the Perodua Kembara. Translated Kembara means Traveller.

I have amny friends that drives the Kembara. Some takes the vehicle OffRoad quite regularly. Most do not have much mods to it but thre is one particular friend that has his completely done meaning aith winches and everything. He runs on 215R15 mud tyres on alloy rims

The question of Firding depth, The Terios (or Kembara) can easily wade up to about 45cms without problems but do ot slowly within the powerband of the engine. To over rev it will kill the engine as water sprays around the engine bay too much. As for the water entering the cabin, the problem is not very serious although you will get a little in around the door seal in a moderate crossing distance (eg below 5 meters wide) anything oevr that you may get water in the cabin in leaks but not gushing.

The biggest tyre available would be that 225/70R15 without any mods but you'd probably have to adjust the turning radius screw top avoid rubbing the tyres within the fenders.

Good Luck

Jeff Zaiham

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Terios modifications

I have a 2004 Terios, it's great for light to medium off road drivings, I had test mine in pretty serius situations with sand, water and all kinds of mud and it's response always surprised me, I left bigger trucks behind me, and my terios did not failed.
You can drive it through 70cm deep water, or you can measure the distance from the air intake to the ground and drive it 10cm less than that, just to ensure no water will get into the air filter.
The suspension can be raised, but better use Rancho with height control (it uses air to raise the suspension only when it's needed, and it can be lower when you're on road).
If you use Rancho variable height suspension, you won't increase this danger.