Fourtrak starting problem


Can anyone help? I have recently bought a Fourtrak and it is perfect for my wants and needs. However, last week it rained heavily and every time I put it into reverse, the 'gage' fuse blew. This is a 7.5 fuse which powers the lights on the dash board. When you take it out or blow it, you cannot start the vehicle.

I took it to my garage yesterday and they couldn't find anything wrong with the electrics - presumably because it had dried out.

Does anyone have any experience of this type of thing happening?

The only thing we were doing while it was raining was loading at the rear. There is a small gap between the back of the vehicle and a spoiler under the number plate. When you look down, you can see the cables going to the reverse light.

Thoughts on this would be appreciated as currently I have a 4x4 that doesn't like the rain!

Many Thanks

Nell Cruse.

"I can't stand the rain"

Welcome to the wonderful world of Fourtrak ownership - the electrics on them are - ahem.. challenging to say the least. This does sound a bit unusual though - I'd just get underneath it with a big roll of tape and seal all the wiring back up nice and tight. The back ends are notorious for this, as you have noticed, they're all open. It's those crazy Japanese, they make a monster capable off-roader, but don't weather proof it against our European climates unfortunately. I had a similar problem with my fog lamp, every time I switched it on I blew the fuse, losing all my dashboard lights and tail lights, yay! Just wait till you have to change stop/tails or indicators on the thing, you'll be cursing! I had to buy new lenses and drill the old ones out, the bolts were seized so bad. I then replaced them with new machine screws and wing nuts, liberally coated with bike teflon grease to make sure they don't seize up again. It's just one of them things you have to adjust to - like my mate says whenever something else on them misbehaves, "It's just the newness wearing off"

Keep on trucking!

Reverse + Heavy Rain = No start

Hmm, thanks for that. I've since discovered that the fuse for the fog light had been removed so that may also play up in wet weather. I've had a look underneath and there are loads of wires - not really confident enough with electronic stuff to start pulling them out and coating them with tape (I'm female!!). But if I could find someone to help me - is there any 'stuff' I can coat the wires with and should I put tape on the plastic connectors as well?


Its actually worth while pull

Its actually worth while pulling apart any connectors you find, especially the ones exposed to the elements, and giving the terminals inside a good spray with some sort of dewatering fluid, CRC WD40, ect. and reconnecting them. They can accumulate mud and moisture in them. There is also a problem mentioned by some of the wiring chaffing against the chassis where it crosses the chassis rail just in front of the rear axle on the left hand side. This is the main wiring loom to the rear of the vehicle. Apparemtly it has been the cause of some shorting problems. I must say in the 10 years or so I have owned an F75, I havent had this problem. However, I do have an intermittant electrical problem which blows the fuse to the rear lights and dash lights. It appears every so often, it may be months and months, or it can blow the fuse twice in one night. I havent bothered to look for the problem yet.


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