Hi ,:help:
This is probably goingto sound really stupid to most but I have a problem.
I am new to driving 4x4's and have recently bought a four trak to tow a horse trailer with.
Unfortunately, I have little knowledge of when to use the 4 wheel drive, I know it comes in handy when getting stuck in mud etc, but there is a rather large hill just outside the gate at the farm and when I try to pull up it the daihatsu seems to be struggling. Someone suggested I stay in 1st gear to climb to the top, but the engine really roars, could I use fourwheel drive (its a proper road)? Also how do I use it. I noticed there is a button onm the dash saying 4wd. I know i press that but what normal gear do I have to be in. THE LITTLE GEAR STICK HAS 2wd and 4wd, I assume I should be in 2wd when using normal gears.
PLEASE can anyone help?

if its a normal rd (tarmac) t

if its a normal rd (tarmac) then all four wheels will get good traction at the same time and this will wind the transmisson up (not good for the gear box and transfer box)
4 wheel drive aint really 4 wheel drive, you have the possiblity of all 4 wheels driving but as there are a pair of diffs, only two wheels want to drive at the same time, otherwise the transmission will wind up!
if you have manual free wheeling hubs, have them in the free position. and put the little gear stick in 4wdL
this is low ratio 4x4, but if the front hubs aint locked in you will only get 2 wheel drive, but low ratio.
yes the engine will roar, and you can pull away in second gear, but you will have low gear ratio and the thing will climb the side of a house!
if the ground your on is soft such as grass sand mud etc, and the 4x4 is on with the hubs locked in, NOT all four wheels will have exactly the same traction, and you dont wind up the transmission!
hope this helps!

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