Central Differential locking ???? Please explain


Hi guys, I have a 1998 Daihatsu Feroza/Sportrak 4x4 with manual locking front hubs. But i have one very stupid question... Does the feroza actually have central differential locking when you put it in 4x4 or does it only do normal 4H and 4L without actual Central Differential locking inside the diffs ????

Can anyone please help me with this question


You wont get a centre diff on

You wont get a centre diff on any vehicle which is part time 4wd, which yours is due to the free wheeling hubs, and selectable 2wd.
To explain, A vehicle fitted with constant 4wd will be fitted with a centre diff in the transfer case so that the two prop shafts can turn at different speeds when cornering. It is exactly the same principal as diffs fitted to axles, so that each wheel can turn at a different speed when cornering. Theoretically, you can be turning a corner and have all 4 wheels travelling different arcs, and therefore different speeds. All a centre diff lock does is lock both propshafts together, making them spin at the same speed. It is EXACTLY the same as putting the transfer case lever on a part time 4wd into the 4H position. The terminology often confuses novices, who think "Diff Lock" equals better traction,ie cross axle difflock (ARB, Detriot Locker, ect) when in actual fact, this isnt the case.

Hope this clears things up.


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