argh vibration F75 any sugestions


About 2 months ago while returning from a day out I started geting minor vibrations through the stearing wheel (the stearing twitches). My first thought was uneven tire wear so I swapped the front and rear tires, no change. Thus I next had the front tires ballanced and the tracking checked, still no change. Neither front brakes are sticking. Now two months on and the vibration is either non-existant or very bad (the whole fourtrak shakes). The vibrations start at 30mph and go at 80mph and peek at about 50mph. Also there is sometimes a noticable knocking transmitted through the stearing wheel when I drive over bumps in the road. Any sugestions as I can't find any obvious faults ie no play anywhere. Could the bushes on the leaf springs need changing or are the kingpins on the wheels loose?

yours Dazed and confused....

Prop shaft

Check the prop shaft's joints.

Prop Shaft

Agreed,I hv 1 bad exprnce w/ prop. shaft coz the mech. jst chng the crss joint (front n Rear) and the one that made prblm was I lost 2 of the bolts (there are 4)whle drvng abt 55 mph (Coz its loose).The whole car shakin' N I still hv to drv for abt anthr 15mls, so drv slwly less than 32mph. Chnge all the bolts (mk sure use the "contra ring" for the nut) N tighten all.

If its front end, and not a w

If its front end, and not a wheel balance issue, the next place I would check is the front U bolts. They can work loose, and the whole front axle can shake around.


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Check the UJ bolts and the UJ it self...