four track newbie


my daughter is seriously looking for a four track, one particular one is very local and is getting MOT'ed tomorrow. it's about a 1990 model with windows in the back and a diesel engine.

We are hoping to go and look at it shortly, i just want to know what should i look for, i guess there are some places they can go rusty or mechanical bits that wear, although i suppose if it passes the MOT it cant be THAT bad.

She only wants it to tow a horse trailor.

can i say the word land rover here?, she was looking for one of them, like a defender, but although cheaper on insurance (she says) the defenders seem to hold there price better and seem very overpriced for someting over 25 years old

even if it passes the mot it

even if it passes the mot it could still blow up after a couple of miles lol!

check the leaf springs, and thier mounts!
check the chassis for rust, the bodywork will be rusty, but the most important thing is the chassis, check for rust where the springs meet the chassis!
the drivers door hinges on a truck that age will probably have gone, (this will mean it will leek in heavy ran)these are 50quid to replace.
if it has not been serviced or the seller cant prove the service history, if you buy it, change the gearbox/transferbox and engine oil,and the front and rear diff oil! so take that into account!
look at the back of the front cup/ball joints, which house the cv joints, failure inside these is more likely on the drivers side. so if the back of the cup on that side is all oily, and the other side is not, then the cv join has probably gone inside, and caused the oil seal to fail in that end of the front axle, that means the front diff will be dry, and you cant use 4x4. this will cost around 150quid to fix.
check the hubs lock in and out, and the 4x4 engages and works, check at low speed on full lock in both directions.
in all gears and low ratio 4x4 drive along and lift you foot of the throttle as if your using the engine as a brake, if it jumps out of any gear specially 1st, dont buy the truck the gearbox is on the way out!
if its done more than 100 thousand, i bet the alternator will need recon, 45 quid, so also bear that in mind!
obviously check all the things you would check on a normal car, but bear in mind, theres more to these things, and transfer boxes, gearboxes and problems with the diffs and springs can cost.

if there is a proper wine on the rear axle when you get past 45mph then i bet yah the rear diff has no oil in it, then its a gamble, as to how long its been since someone put oil in it, and weather its buggered!
oh and the seats will probably not be very good on a truck that age. xr3i front seats fit nice lol!

hope that helps!

anyone wana ride in my hovercraft!

thanks a lot jonbigpants

bloody hell friend, you pulled no punches there buddy, thanks a lot for that, extremely helpfull indeed, brill.

i saw some info on the four wheel drive and dif lock etc. in another post here, it looks to me that you have to be driving it for quite a while before you can figure out what each lever does ! LOL.

extremly helpfull friend i thank you very much.


I bought a 1990 F75 without knowing too much about Daihatsu's. As a precaution I fitted a new timing belt and since then (18 months ago) I have replaced king pin bearings and steering control rod. The engine is superb at 113000 miles and I have been to France in it without a hitch.

I have rust around both rear wheel arches and a welder friend tells me its not difficult to sort out. All in all they are great vehicles if properly maintained. I change engine oil every 3000 miles and as jonbigpants suggests I changed gearbox and diff oils. They are relatively easy to work on and are great to own....good luck

no probs matey!

no probs matey!

anyone wana ride in my hovercraft!

I have a Fourtrak that I use

I have a Fourtrak that I use for towing I tow a heavy twin axle caravan and a cattle trailer and it is perfect for towing I go all over the country and have never had any problems even on very steep hills.
The only place on my fourtrak that I have any rust is on the back door otherwise it is rust free. All I can tell you that I have had my
second hand fourtrak for six years and the only things I have had to buy for it is the usual things like tyres a battery and filters.
If you get this car I hope you will be as happy with it as I am