4trak leaf spring broken


I got my 4trak last week and wnt over a small bump at low speed and the bottom two leaves of the spring came away at the back.
Is it safe to drive?
I know i can get new springs! but is this nessesary?
Can i re clamp them?
How much labour is involved in changing the leaf springs?
My second problem is I could not get my 4trak in the garage!!!
I have to let the rear tyres down!

Broken springs

What exactly do you mean when you say they came away at the back?
Have they broken? or just worked free of the clamp?
If they have broken I would advise replacement as soon as possible, espescially as there are two leaves involved, if they have just come loose, I would have thought that it is possible to re-clamp them,but I would be wary and check that there is nothing else wrong,it takes a fairly extreme suspension movement to dislodge two leaves from the clamp, so you may need to look at the spring hangars and u bolts for excessive wear.
re your second problem, should have bought a Sortrak, they have a slightly lower roofline!

They have come away from the

They have come away from the clamp
Is it easy to re-clamp?
My garage door is been lifted 3" on Monday

re clamping

To re clamp the leaves should be fairly straightforward, it will be much easier to remove the springs and do it off the vehicle, to be honest I have never done this job so I can't really say if it is easy or not, but I would strongly recommend that you take the opportunity to replace the spring hangers and U bolts while you are at it