Help needed with servicing fourtrak


Could anyone offer any advice on servicing a fourtrak.
Firstly, how often should they be serviced?
What should be done in the service, how often should the glow plugs be changed?
What is a reasonable amount to pay for a service Unknw
I live in Coventry, can anyone reccommend a reputable garage in this area which I could use.

fourtrak Service

Hi there, I'm going to make the bold assumption you have a 2.8TD fourtrack.

If so these are the following 'basic' service items that should be done (according to Diahatsu)

Engine Oil - 3000miles
Engine Oil Filter - 6000mile (I always replaced when the oil was done)
Air Filter Check and cleane every 3000miles (personally I replaced mine every year regardless)
Fuel Filter - 24'000 (again I did every year)
Coolant - 24'000miles (I replace every two years)
Glow plugs - check them, are they OKAY? replace as necessary
All the diff and transmission oils every 24000miles (I again did every year)

There are other bit likes greasing etc etc........

If you have just brought the motor and do not have any S/H I personally would give her the works, All Oils, All Filters, Timing Belt, Greasing, Check Glow Plugs, Injector Cleaner and do everything else that looked out of place....part would not be that expensive.

Personally I do not use garages I do it all myself, far cheaper and I know it is done right.......I helped out a chap through this site who was just down the road from me, we did rear axles oil seals and bearing, replaced the brake lines and the prop U/J joints. I need to finish off some welding for him for the MOT.

I live in Leicester (used to live in Cov for about 1 year).

If you would like me to E-mail you the service pages from the Service Manual just send me your E-mail address via a private message.