Hije fillings


Does anybody knows what the fillings are on Hijet van 993cc petrol (1993).
I mean how much and what sort of: engine oil (after changing filter), gearbox oil, rear differencial oil, cooling & heating system. I want to put my Hijet in shape and don't know Sad where to look for help. Manual will help Scratch one-s head Thanx

Oils for your hijet

Engine oil: API SE (or higher)the manual does not give a grade [I use 10/40]

Transmission: API GL-3 (or higher [I would use higher!] SAE 80W-90 or SAE 75W-90 [I use GL-5 75W/90]

Diff: API- GL-5 SAE 90 [I use GL-5 80W90]

Coolant: Any decent modern Anti-freeze e.g. bluecol at bet 25% and 50% dilution [I change mine every year]