New Daihatsu Ai


I've heard that Daihatsu have made a new model called ai. I've seen one picture of it and want to find out more. Does anyone have any info about it or know who would? From what I've seen so far I actually quite fancy getting one if they release it.

Its a Concept car

Just had a quick look for information about it and it appears it is a Concept car, and if Google's Translation is accurate enough then it will probably not get made because the design in flawed in it being practical. To me it looks like they could pass it off as a redesigned Move, but I am definately sure about its look.

If you want to read the article about it then go to here

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Concept Doesn't mean impossible

I think that it would be possible to redesign the sections that are flawed, but there is more to a car than just it working. They have to be able to market it correctly. It may be possible to design the interior functions to use as a mobility vehicle, or maybe a milk float! just some idea's if the powers that be at Daihatsu are reading this.