centre dials


I am thinking of getting a set of centre dials for my 1996 fourtrack, does anybody know if you can use the dials from a sportrak?

Dash clocks

They're exactly the same mate, the wiring should already be behind the blank plate. Do you have the clocks yet, or are you still looking. Let me know what price you're looking at, I might be able to help you out.

dash clocks

Thanks for that info' Snappo,Do not know price, will have to phone the local breakers.

The clocks are physicly the s

The clocks are physicly the same, however as I found out when I transfured some from an F78 to an F80 the wiring may not be laid out the same. However it was not a problem, the plugs were the same, just the order the wires were inserted was diffrent. Half an hour with the multi-meter sorted out which wire should be in which hole.

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