Workshop Manuals Charade G10 (1979-1983)


Daihatsu allows me to scan and distribute the Service Manuals for the G10 Series.

But most of the manuals are in German Language, you can download FOR FREE this manuals if you want (or need) it.

Thanks to Daihatsu Germany for that!

G10 service manuals

I need them urgently, I am unable to download from the link provided. Can you help?


Charade Manuals

I should perhaps mention that I have .pdf Daihatsu manuals for the G100 (Mk3?) Charade, covering the CB23, CB61 and CB80 engines.

I downloaded these from the Daiclub site, now defunct.

I imagine you'd be able to get them from the similarly Australian (successor?)Daiforum site, but I'm permanently banned on there (apparently for being a Wingeing Pom?) so I can't be sure what's currently available.

Better not mention my name Smile

Charade G10 Manuals

Hi Rainer

I tried (and may have succeeded) in registering to join your site, but I got "Load on the server exceeded" messages when I tried to confirm, (or do pretty much anything else) and have now forgotten my password anyway.

When I looked into it, (about a month ago, IIRC) there were an awful lot of randomly named user ID's created at very short intervals, suggesting the registration process at your site might be (or have been) under some sort of attack. This might explain the server load messages.

Standard downloads of the manuals failed, but I was able to get them using freeware download manager software, which I got from here:-

As far as I can tell, this starts multi-threaded downloads and then assembles the complete file locally. Seems to work well, though that's all I've used it for.

The manuals look useful, thanks. I have a Skywing/Seraph, which is mechanically similar to the G10 but has a CB22 engine (according to my handbook) rather than the CB20 (?) covered in your manuals or the CB23 engine covered in the manual I already had.

I don't know what differences there are between these engines, if any.