Rear springs on a Sporty/Feroza


Hello fellow Sportrak/Feroza owners.

My question to you all is this: What advantage in terms of comfort, ride and handling (if any?) would there be in changing my single rear leaf springs to the triple ones mentioned in the modifications section?

Or would I be better getting my mechanic and 4WD maniac mate to fit springs? He is just itching to raise my super Sporty by 2", but apart from Icelandic river crossing I can´t see the advantage...

So, in summary, should I:

a) Leave it as it is
b) Fit the multi-leaf springs
c) Go for broke and fit coil springs?

Surprised more of you guys don´t bring your 4WDs up here on the ferry, it´s just a 103,000km2 playground. Jeremy Clarkson et alia is becoming a regular visitor... Green-laning-get a life! Come and try the real thing at 65 degrees North. (PLease note the above does not apply to the Feroza brethren and sisters in OZ!!!!)

Hi Brian,As another alter

Hi Brian,

As another alternative you could always fit a pair of spring assistors, you won't spend as much, they are quicker to fit. If you are after height, them go for some shackle extenders

I've not heard of anyone here who has had the single leaf springs actually breaking, only the 3 leaf variants seem to go - I have them, they seem a more pliant ride, and they support the caravan as well (Only then do I need to stick the dampers up to the hard position)

Where does that ferry to Iceland sail from then?

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty

Takk fyrir (Thanks) Dave Y

Takk fyrir (Thanks) Dave

You ceratinly are a knowledgable regular contributor to the site! Will discuss the option you listed with Þórgerður the mad mechanic (42" tyres and Land cruiser)

The ferry here is: sailing from either Lerwick in Shetland, or Þórhöfn (Torshavn) in the Faroes.

An alternative is a direct sailing from Immingham, Hull with: They specialise in containers, so your Sporty would be boxed for the journey.

I´d be more than happy to send you a hardcopy tourist brochure, as I work as a guide during the summers when I´m not quaffing real ale in Scotland!

atb, What about the long strip of metal on the front that is prone to rusting. Above the bumper and under the headlamps, mounted horizontally. Any ideas of where to get a new replacement, my 1997 has a couple of dodgy spots!

Our '95 had some dodgy spots

Our '95 had some dodgy spots there, too. Some people have tried to get one, but all I did was remove it (bumper off job),treat it with ku-rust, paint it with Hammerite and finally seal it behind with waxoyl.

Ta for the ferry advice!

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty

Whats this Green Laning you poms keep talking about?

Is this some sort of weird sport of driving up and down kerbs?

I Promise not to mention anything about the Rugby or Cricket

New Zealand

Jerry (New Zealand)
1987 F75 2.8 TD Rugger (Rocky, Fourtrak)
2000 2.0 Turbo Diesel Grand Vitara (Puegot Engined)

Not a pom with a penchant for Green laning

Greetings Jeremy from the other end of the planet (65 degrees North)

Haven´t a clue about Green laning-as an exiled Scot in Iceland.

Climbed Mt. Aspiring once in your country-scared the sh1t out of me on the way down. At least you have glaciers + thermal hot pools to relax in.

N.B. We Scots do not consider ourselves to be "Poms" Isn´t your capital translated as Edinburgh or something...?

As a final remonstrance and rejoinder the English have been playing rather good cricket of late, a veritable tour de force of cricketing prowess. See you at the world cup (football)

It was bad enough with the barmy army over here

camper vans every bloody where, you overtake one and you come across another one further on, still my newly purchased F75 goes up steep windy roads in 4th or diesel vitara being a pugeot engined 2L diesel is not as powerful, which makes you appreciate how much balls these things have...damn easier to 4wd fit club rated towhooks on than my previous mud toy (SJ413)

isn't iceland a weeee bit cold there jimmy? especially if you fellows of scottish descent like to wear kilts?

Jerry (New Zealand)
1987 F75 2.8 TD Rugger (Rocky, Fourtrak)
2000 2.0 Turbo Diesel Grand Vitara (Puegot Engined)