Sportrak Questions


Hi people,

A few questions please:

Firstly where can I source some paint touch up sticks for my sporty. The colour is 045 I believe it is called Ivory White. My local Daihatsu agent is having trouble sourcing this, although it dosn't show as discontinued, it hasn't arrived!

Secondly it would be useful to know where the revs should be to get firstly the best torque and secondly power. It feels as if it should be around 3000 RPM but I haven't tried above 4000 because it begins to sound unhappy!

Lastly it would appear thet the front tyre presure should be a low 23 PSI according to the plate on the driver's door pillar, I've dropped it to 25 and I think it's a little less bouncy with this, but 23 seems a little low compared to what I use in a "normal" car.

Advice and guidance please



A local bodyshop/painters wil

A local bodyshop/painters will be able to match the paint. Also try a motor factors.

As for RPM, peak torque is about 3500. Or thereabouts

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty


Thanks guys for the quick reposnses.


Believe it or not your local

Believe it or not your local Halfords will make you up a match for your paint...just tell them the code and they can match your colour.

Your sporty is not a 'normal' car as such..its a 4x4...go by the recommended tyre pressures on the door pillar.

hi, if your daihatsu dealer i

hi, if your daihatsu dealer is finding it hard to get the paint, try your nearest toyota dealer, (sporties were actually made at the toyota factory) i am not certain on your perticular colour, but mine was the burgundy over silver paint scheme, and i found the paint for mine at halfords under the toyota section. hope this helps, steve

i am always in shit, its just the depth that varies

hi iv just got my first 4x4 :)

Hi iv just got my first 4x4 a j reg sportrack and im realy happy with it but and it may sound daft it dosent have coil springs on the front Scratch one-s head is this right. Also on full right hand lock it makes a loud scweek any ideas any help will be greatly recevied Andy Wink

No coils - a far better torsi

No coils - a far better torsion bar system.

As for the noise, grease the turn stops.

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty

No coils

Thanks Dave with a sporty ill give that a go Andy