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My wife after driving Suzuki's for many years recently decided to purchase a Daihatsu Sportrak. She is now totally besotted and often wonders why she didn't try Daihatsu before!
The problem however is this: She now has trouble selecting reverse gear, all other gears operate very well but it is as if something is in the way of it going into reverse.
I am by no means a qualifed mechanic, can tackle the odd small job but thats about it. Does anyone have any ideas as to what good be the problem? I might be able to get her sorted if I was pointed in the right direction.
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Sounds suspishasly like an ol

Sounds suspishasly like an old 4trak problem. (Is the gearbox the same anyone? :sad:). If it is the problem may be the main shaft nut at the rear of the box coming lose. This alows the shaft to slid back and forth slightly, so the gears don't line up properly. This problem usually starts as a difficulty to select revers and /or 2nd.
Not a major job to sort, but it does involve droping the transfur box off of the rear of the gearbox.
Once the trasfur is out of the way you can see the rear of the mainshaft. There is a nut on it which , if lose, will need replacing with a new one as it's splines are probably shot. Once replaced the problem should go away.

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AFAIK, they are different box

AFAIK, they are different boxes. The Rocky (Fourtrak) is a cast iron lump, where as the Feroza (Sportrak) is a nice light alloy thing. And I cant remember reading anywhere of anyone with the alloy box having the loose nut problem.


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If the Sporty has clocked 60,000 miles then it needs the gear oil changing. Use correct gearbox fluid. Obviously same at 120,000 miles. Preferably change earlier. If your a diy then dont do anything until your absolutely certain which filler hole to unscrew. The drain is obvious but the filler is confusing since there are several similar nuts. Get the wrong nut and the gearbox will need removing. Wrong nut unscrews a gear shaft!
Search this site for 'gearbox' and you will find what you need.