my boiling radiator!


hi i'm new here and looking for a little help.
today got the wife a 93 imaculate L reg fourtrack boils like a kettle!
no coolant leaks.
no poil and water mixing.
no loss of power.
no smoke whatsoever.

have flushed and still it boils.
is my thermo nackered or pump maybe?

any help appreciated.

Rollup Instead of answerin


Instead of answering your question directly, If you click Search up the top of this webpage, then type OVERHEATING into the space provided, you will find numerous threads dealing with the problem. First thing I would check is the actual condition of the radiator, especially the fins in the lower front half of it. It probably needs a recore.


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Two obvious points to verify.
1 Is the thermostat opening or stuck shut.
2 Is the water pump doing its job.

93 Fourtrack

'93 may have been a bad year for radiators. It took me a long time to find where the water loss was in my '93 Applause:

Note the comment by Mace.

Pressure cap? Mine was furrowed on the bottom: look at the rubber valve seat. There were adhering wee deposits of rubber on the brass seat of the radiator filling spout. Fitted a new pressure cap, after cleaning away the hard rubber deposits below. HOO BLOOMING RAY.

Problem solved. ALEC42


Nice to know its sorted.Pleased you read my posting and sorted the radiator problem. I made a new rubber seal from an inner tube - much cheaper than buying a new radiator cap.

I had the same problem with my 87 F75 Rugger when I got it

was boiling when it went up hills etc, problem was the previous owner had not used antifreeze and the internals of the radiator had turned to a sticky sludge,recored radiator, new thermostat, new hoses fixed the problem....took 15 flushes to get the water clean.

Jerry (New Zealand)
1987 F75 2.8 TD Rugger (Rocky, Fourtrak)
2000 2.0 Turbo Diesel Grand Vitara (Puegot Engined)