Noise when breaking on my Sportstrak


A noise like a faint grinding noise appears when breaking.It is more noticeable when turning left at the same time. A garage has recently replaced front pads and greased suspension to no avail. Any ideas Unknw

There's a coincidence - notic

There's a coincidence - noticed something very similar on mine yesterday.

I suspect rear shoes-unless anyone can raise me on that?

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty

Grinding noise

I had a similar problem, there was a grinding noise coming from my front breaks, checked the pads and it was all fine. It turned out to be a metal clip that had fallen of the break pads and had got stuck. it was catching and making the grinding noise. we took the front wheels off and turned the drums by hand to identify were the noise was coming from.
Hope this helps.

Grinding noise

I have just had the MOT carried out and I asked the garage to fully check the brakes/wheel bearings and suspension. All was ok and they could not find anything.

Looks like I will have to have a look myself ??

i had same problem, result wa

i had same problem, result was o/s front pads metal aux metal!!
this was only the o/s tho, n/s pads were only half worn, however the disc was badly cracked in several places and so pad wear muchos increased.. other posiblities are:

disc guard catching
- remove wheel and scrape off any loose rust on edge of disc using a flat bladed screwdriver on lightly tap with a hammer. check the shield that runs round the disc is well clear and nothing is trapped between it and the disc or other brake componants

- again remove wheel, remove the pads and inspect surface, soetimes stones/foreign materials can get caught into the pad and then grind away.

dislodged shims
- some pads come with anti-rattle shims which are normally positioned between the end "lugs" on the pad and the calliper, they also act as a wear indicator and usually screetch when pads are neraly knackered (mine did NOT have these unfortunatley!)

- bearing could be running dry/loose, jack up and check wheel for play

- the old favourite is hub failure, 4x4 may still work but if bits are breaking down and floating round inside the hub then it may make itself known.

wheels catching
- run hands around the wheel and make sure theres nowt getting too close

- hit a big rut or owt recently? could have knocked tracking off, the noise been the tyres on the road

best bet is to jack itup and turn the wheel, see f you can identify just where exactly the noise is. it could even be a pulley wheel under the bonnet, its hard to pinpoint noises on the move!

happy hunting Wink

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