Sportrak - making is less bumpy


I have a 1990 Sportrak EL and the ride is so bumpy, even with the suspension at its softest I am still bouncing all over the place on a normal road. Is this the case with older sportraks or is there something that I can do to make to ride smoother.

Also, does anyone know whether it is possible to get hold of a smaller steering wheel or make the seat move back further, having some difficulties with getting my long legs in and being comfy at the same time.

Any help would be greately appreciated.

Long legs

I've got a 1997 Sportrak Riveria which I love but my boyfriend is 6ft 5 and he's also cramped - any advice would also be gratefully received!!

I am comfy

I am 6ft5 aswell but I fit in mine nicely. Just have the seat all the way back and make sure the steering column is set so it is at its highest and its a nice perfect fit IMHO. So I would personally check that the steering column is adjusted so its higher by using the lever on the side.
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Thanks for the info. I am going to drop the car into the local garage and get them to check some things. They are putting a couple of new tyres on so will make sure they set them right.

As for the steerig wheel - I will have a look. I have the steering wheel set to high and the seat all of the way back and I still struggle with room. Maybe I just need to get used to it.


We also have the steering whe

We also have the steering wheel at its highest and the seat all the way back but it's still no good - it hurts the front of his calves where they're squished against the bit that sticks out where the stereo etc lives! Theres loads of room in the back so I'm sure it must be possible to get them moved back - I'll investigate.

Strange how for people the sa

Strange how for people the same height with the same cars one can fit in ok and the other can't!!! I am very comfortable driving mine as I have sat in it driving for 4 hours constantly and the only complaint after was a numb bum. Smile

Must be one of these guys who's height is all in his legs, not just generally bigger on the whole like me. ;).

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Could be

Yeah, I have really long legs which is the main cause of my fitting in the car problems.

With the seat all the way back and the steering wheel at its heighest level I am still really uncomfortable. Didn't reall notice it at first but after driving to and from work I have noticed the discomfort, especially in my back and legs.

I think I need to investigate moving the seat further back than the runners allow!


Get a shorter boyfriend UnknwWink

Seriously, I'm 6'5" and not what you'd call svelte and don't find it a problem - in fact it's a better fit than most small cars. I guess it depends on one's proportions re. leg/body length.



make sure you are using the c

make sure you are using the correct tyre pressure, if it is to high that can cause your motor to bounce all over the place, and also wear your tyres out very quickly.
As for a steering wheel try they may do a replacment steering wheel

another one of many

as is obvious this is my first 4 trak. (lack of knolledge), the hard and soft damper has been disconected. where why and how is my question. again any pointers gratefully received


I expect some cheapskate has replaced the dampers with non-adjustable types. (The real ones are a tad more expensive.;)
If so the wiring will be tucked away somewhere up near the top of each damper - unless they've done something really stupid and cut it off. If the wiring's still in place you could splash out on the adjustable dampers (if you're feeling rich) but I feel it only fair to warn you they don't make a huge difference - you ain't gonna get it to ride like a Range Rover coz it ain't one :-)