charade 1.3 4WD


Hello everyone.I live in Athens Greece.My name is george.I can't find anything in the forum about the 4wd charade.Why is that?I own two of them one '91 and one '92.You just can't imagine what kind of cars they are!They have 1.3 16v 95hp hce engine and REAL alltime 4wd with a limited split central dif.I hope there is someone out there who knows something about this charade and wants to talk about it.

4wd charade

I've got also a charade 4wd, and I now what you mean.
So I've get a engine from a Daihatsu Aplausse (1600 16V) and put it in my charade. The only problem is the wiring of the fuel system, wich I have modified. Also have I used the front brakes from the Aplausse for my Charade.
And now when I am driving at the highway, the idle speed goes to the red area at the 5th gear. And he goes faster