Anyone run a veg oil mix in thier fourtrak!

thinking about starting to run a veg oil mix, gona start with 10% veg oil, and then slowly bring it up to 50% if the engine runs ok!
obviously will inform customs and exise and pay the duty, but i could still save about 40quid a month!
does anyone do this? had problems? things i should modify? boidiesel? any tips?

Never done it...but have thou

Never done it...but have thought about it a lot...if you do a search on the suject in google loads of stuff comes up and goes into it in great detail.

veg oil

I have experimented with up to 50% used filtered veg oil with no probs at all in Fourtrak TDX, have also used new oil from Lidl at 46p/l but prefer the free stuff from local chippie filtered through a couple of old t shirts then again though two "j" cloths...