Crashing box from 3rd down to 2nd


Our Fourtrak Rocky really crunches from 3rd down to 2nd unless you are vertually stopped is there something I can do about it? or is it an inherent problem with them?

Hi GaryI dont want to be

Hi Gary

I dont want to be the bearer of bad news but it sounds like you may have the 'main shaft nut' problem.
There is a nut on the end of the main shaft in the gearbox. It is a known problem (especially on older vehicles with high milage)that this nut can wear loose causing problems with the selector forks in the box. The first signs are often difficulty changing down from 3rd to 2nd.
The fix is to drop the transfer box off the end of gear box and tighten this nut or replace it with a new one if damaged.
Loads has been written about this problem on these a search for 'main shaft nut' using search function at top of page ...lots comes up...hope it is'nt your problem ...but it does sound ominous to me.