Help! Electrical fault!


Can anyone help me?
A week ago I had a problem with the indicatore on my fourtrak, they just stopped working, I changed the fuse but then after a day or so had no back lights at all, not even brake lights.
Once again I changed the fuses and this seemed to solve the problem. That is till I used the car at night(which I dont do very often) and I noticed that the indicator light on the dash kept flickering. I thought nothing of this as my lights seemed to be working ok, till suddenly I could smell plastic burning.
I switched off the lights and got home ok, but havent used the car at night since!
Please Does anyone have any suggestions as to what to do next?


The positive cable within the circuit is going to earth. Thats probably the reason for the fuse blowing. The burning smell must be an open circuit somewhere beyond the fuse. The 'on' switch is completing the circuit so the cable heats.If you have a 12v test set then check the circuit for conductivity. Fault could lie within a lamp unit but most likely to be a broken/damaged/worn cable.


Thanks Mace, the number plate light seems to be quite corroded, think this could be the source of problem. Will have to book it into a garage to get it checked thoroughly ,thanks for your help.