YRV Turbo mods


Anyone know how a Blitz dump valve fits - is it an easy DIY job?
Plus has anyone got any experience of the Blitz sus air cleaner/induction kit? I've had a custom stainless steel twin pipe exhaust fitted by MIJ Performance of Walsall - sounds sportier now - cost £379.

Is there any chance you could

Is there any chance you could put a picture up in the gallery of your exhaust system?

There is a YRV turbo in the modifacation gallery with dump valve and K&N air filter.


When I spoke to the owner, he said "it was a pain to get the dump valve working correctly without a rolling road"

You could contact him and he may be able to help you further.

Yes,thanks, I saw the YRV Tur

Yes,thanks, I saw the YRV Turbo with the dump valve and the K&N filter. Blitz make a YRV specific Air Filter which gives 3 to 5 extra bhp, and a dump valve, which should reduce turbo lag. Sounds as though it would be best fitted by a pro.

I will endeavour to get a photo of my exhaust system. The original, twin rear pipes were extremely corroded after less than 2 years, as they are a special order item made only of mild steel. The rest of the system was ok, but I decided on a long-life modified cat-back system which gives an even flow between the 2 pipes - the original was a grafted-on after thought.

Thanks, sounds great too!

Thanks, sounds great too!

I did find the yrv dump valves mentioned on e-bay when I did a google search. They're cheaper than the £237+vat that Blitz want.