Gear lube...


How do I put gear lube in the transmission and in the transfer case? I've looked at all of manuals and documentation and I'm still not clear on it.


Tom Sanders

Are we talking Fourtrak or Sp

Are we talking Fourtrak or Sportrak here...if Fourtrak be very careful

On right hand drive models looking from the rear of the vehicle the filler nuts are on the right handside of the boxes. If you undo a similar nut on the lefthand side you will bugger up your reverse gear..that nut secures the reverse gear selector fork.

Make sure you undo the right nut !!!!!!!

Real funny!!

Ha,ha,ha....make fun of the new guy:) I see how ya are.

In all seriousness a friend of mine is the host of the Trucks! TV show here in the US. I got a call in to him and got some quick advice. The vehicle in question is a 1990 Rocky 1.6L 4WD. I appreciate all the input and support. When I finish this truck I hope to get some info and pics posted for all to enjoy. I started on this truck about 4 weeks ago when I literally found it in a junkyard for $250.00. You guys just won't believe this one.