chrisnotts needs help


can anyone tell me were my local ofroad clubs are and any contact numbers would be of great help also does anyone no were to sorce a cheep lifting kit from or new leaf springs cheep ive got two kids and im on a budget thankyou all

What you driving ??

If its a fourtrak then I know a bloke near Matlock who breaks them and can sort you out with almost anything, I'm in Notts and he was the closest to us when I needed parts. The nearest dealer for us was Chesterfield ( Triangle )
The guys number in Matlock is 01629 540220 or 07971069113. Smile


thankyou for your reply to my problem ill give the chap at matlock a try im looking for some leaf springs idealy mine are so worne they are flat and the truk keeps bottoming out on rough ground i dont suppose you r in any form of fortrak club for ofroading or do you no of anywere local to notts that i can take it to
yours greatfully chrisnotts

I cant help you out with that

I cant help you out with that I'm afraid, the only off roading I do is in my horses field ! Have you tried searching the net, I'm sure a friend of mine used to go somewhere in Derbyshire with his 4x4. I'll ask him the next time I see him, but also ask the guy at Matlock he might know of a club.:)


thankyou for your valuied help i will try matlock this weekend for the parts and also ask him if he knows of any local offroad areas or greenlanes thanks chrisnotts