hijet problem,please help


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We have a 1998 S reg hijet and we are having problems with the oil light. The oil light keeps flickering on and off and sometimes it stays on. Twice all the engine warning lights ave come on and the engine has cut out. We have had a garage look at it and they think it might be the oil pump but there not sure! Its had 2 oilchanges in the past 6 mounths and the light doesnt come on all the time!! Does anyone have any ideas please help.


Thanks John
For your suggestion, the cables bin checked etc so probably the worst problem!

Its difficult sometimes with

Its difficult sometimes with oil'lights' to ascertain what the problem is. On one of my vehicles I have an oil pressure gauge...much better than an oil light since any notable loss in oil pressure clearly indicates a problem which can be immediately investigated.
An oil light works off a sensor...

1.Could be an electrical problem.
2.Could be a dodgy oil pump
3.Could be a loss of compression
4.Could be a dodgy sensor.

You say the car cuts out...does it restart immediately?
Is the car losing oil Unknw
Is the temperature ok.
The 'engine 'lights as you describe will all come on if the car cuts out...or are you describing lights come on first then it cuts out?

I think the garage is more than likely correct with its diagnosis of a knackered oil pump...specially if light comes on intermittently...does it come on more at low revs (i.e. slower speeds)
and go off if you increase the revs...this would force the pump to work harder.

I dont know if the oil pump on a Hijet is mechanical or electrical..might make a difference...when trying to eleminate all potential culprits.

It should be easy enough to identify the oil sensor and check the connections and test sensor with a meter.

Whatever is causing the light to flicker must be identified...if its simply electrical...no worries...however if its the pump or another problem associated with oil distribution around the oil ways in the engine it needs to be sorted before any real damage occurs.

Hope some of this helps

re- hijet help

Thanks for your suggestions.
The light flickers when the temprature gauge goes over half way, but when we change the oil its ok for a while - least 1500 miles and it starts again!!
It does'nt come on at lower speeds and comes on at higher so it looks like its gonna be a new pump!another £250!