fuse prob again


hi all,trying to replace courtesy bulb i shorted out and blew the fuse now ive no clock or radio on my 94 4trak.replaced all the fuses under the steering colum as sugested in a previous forum but still nothing.lighter still working too as sugested earlier.looked everywhere but cant find any fuse for either,apart from tediously tracing the wires back is there anything else i can try first.have tried most solutions from previous forums but still nothing.

found topic

hi again just found a earlier sugestion from H about there being a seperate fuse under the steering colum,away to check it, will reply if thats the answer.

fuse found

found a small black box containing the 15amp fuse,prob solved.only prob now is the door switches are non existant will have to try and adapt a switch to fit,not urgent.service tomorow after fitting exhaust today, that was fun.before i look back forums what oil do you recomend for the gear box and diffs.should get on the road next week after cam belts changed and service is done.

There is an in-line fuse that

There is an in-line fuse that suplies that little lot. It's above the stering columb somewhere, right up behind the dash. Sorry it's a real head in the footwell, and legs over the back of the seat job.

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