Whats the part called that links the anti roll bar to wishbone?


Its the small bar with bushes on that links the two together? mine has no bushes in itas they have worn away, and the anti roll bar just rattles up and down also the metal rod that the bushes sit on has nearly worn through, can you buy them as a job lot, bushes and bar? I think I will probably have to cut them off any way as the nuts seem rusted well to the bar eitheer end!

the part is?

hi thair basket it,s called the antiroll bar link pin bushes thay are avalable from milner off road as a kit.
is it a fourtrak youre on about?

Yes mate it is, its a Rocky i

Yes mate it is, its a Rocky inde' L reg. Ive just rand Milners and they dont do the kit (damn) I can get the Daihatsu part but they are £40 a side !!!!!!!!!! I fear I may be making some myself!!!!