Veg oil as a fuel extender mix


Has any body have any actual experience of using vegetable oil as a fuel extender.If so what mix ratios have you tried, what was your experience of this mix. Pure rapeseed oil is 45p a liter,diesel 96p a liter, just filled my Fourtrak 2.8 TDX with 4 liters of Pure Rapeseed oil and toped her up to the brim with diesel, as Tesco says 'every little helps' This mix asuming my handbook is correct would seem to be,with a tank capacity of 60Lt, 56Lt diesel and 4Lt Pure rapeseed oil.

I have heard of people runnin

I have heard of people running up to 50/50 mix without alterations. I have just started an experimental filtration plant under my house. I will try up to 20 l of oil per tank.


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All views and advice offered are my own, from my own experiences. Take such advice at your own risk.

Growing old is compulsary, growing up isnt.
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All views and advice offered are my own, from my ow

my experience

went up to 70% oil / diesel - ran fine, no probs,better than diesel, regularly ran on 50-50 - i once tried SVO thinning with 15% petrol and put it in with no diesel - did run but the engine sounded harsh and tinny, wrt my valves i didnt try that again - only trouble is that it stank like a chip shop

my road vehicle i just run on diesel - its newer and i dont want to abuse it (or get pulled in and dipped)

Veg oil mix

My original post was a few years ago.

I now run a mix of 50/50 new rape seed oil to diesel, no problems and legal.

The veg oil is bought as to competetive to diesel, cost is what counts, and no problems with the truck, oil pressures constant, no problems with cold starting, no problems with MOT smoke test, just regular oil changes and as I have said in previous posts, I will say if I get problems. Engine original except for heater plugs, she a '91 2.8 TDX Fourtrak,

Edward (ews)

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

I recently bought my 4trak

I recently bought my 4trak and am running it on a +- 75% mix of used filtered oil. I've installed heaters and heat exchangers and it runs great.

veg oil as extender

yesterday I put my 4trak in the classiied ads. It was converted by to run 100% on rape seed oil. Fantastic until price went up, used less than 2500L so no duty and bought it in drums for 60p/L.

Anyway time for a change, need more space and seats.. if you are interested have a look and make an offer


Caharde Diesel

I run my charade on up to 80% veg oil in the summer. Thats about the limit for starting purposes with unmodified injectors. There should be no problems doing this provided you flush the system with a full tank of diesel every month. It also smells great. I was doing some research and found a company called Elsbett in Germany that provide modified injectors and glowplugs for indirect injection engines. This means you can run on pure veg oil all the time. No second tank and separate fuel line. They quoted me 800euro for a diy kit, which is really to much, but when you look at how expensive diesel is getting, in the long run it does make sense.

Veg Oil

Does it have to be Pure Rapeseed Oil, and if so where can you buy it?
there has been publicity on used chipshop oil. Can this be used instead or is there an additive to add with it.

Anyone know of any websites with "recipes" and info on how to pay the reduced tax. UL Fuel is now over £1/L down here in the south, with Diesel close behind

Otherwise very useful Forums


Bio Diesel

Hello all seen this thread and thought id put my two Penny's worth in.

Previous to owning my Fourtrak i had an discovery 300 Tdi. I ran this car for two years on bio diesel, this ran better on bio fuel than it did on ultimate diesel or shell. Ive never had a problem with leaky seals, blocked injectors or anything.

Given this i have been running my Fourtrak on 100% bio diesel since i got it. The only problem i have with the Fourtrak running on 100% bio fuel is cold starting even with new glow plugs. So now i put about 10 litres of dino diesel in then fill to the top with bio fuel. Even on cold mornings starts first time.

The one thing i would recommend is for the first 3000 miles or so is to change the fuel filter every 1000 miles. May seem overzealous but, on my disco after the first 1000 miles of running on bio fuel we dismantled the spent fuel filter and was completely shocked as to how much crap was in there.