fourtrak autolocking hub giblets - part numbers req`d


well i have contacts in the motor trade who can get bits cheap, so all i need is a part number for two of the offending items that have disintegraded in the hub.. then a can happily drive up, through and over things once more! Smile

the parts are firstly a coil spring which sits behind the bearing locking plate, and the brown nylon ring which sits in the same area. the end has snapped on the spring and the nylong ring is in 4 very worn looking pieces. local dealers refuse to give me a part number because they are a set of greedy money grabbing tight a*sed b*stards! Shok ....and want me to pay full £78-80 for the item which seems to be the bits on the poor quality crappy diagram i managed to trick them into sending to me..

if anyone has an idea which bit i`m on about, where i can get one from or indee simply the part numbers.. or even somewhere i might be able to get them from i would be eternally greatfull

thanks in advance guys.... Smile