H reg Rocky with Rear lights in the Bumper ....


Hi people, my daughter has a H reg Rocky with Rear lights in the Rear Bumper, but we realise now that the reversing light doesnt work, where the rear lights used to be, on the rear quarter panel !and there doesnt seem to be provision for reversing lights on the rear bumper either.

So does anybody know what actually happened when the Revised Rear Bumper with the Rear Lights got fitted, i guess the light cables to the rear quarter panel rear lights got disconected and extended to the new bumper !?????

but what about the reversing light, was there ever one fitted ?, and do you think that there is a switch on the gearbox that might enable reversinglights to work anyway ?????

any ideas anyone. please


Reversing light

If same as mine there are no light fitting but there is a reverse light fitting in one side quarter panel. Only one reverse light is fitted, so check inside both quarter lights ...dont know if your LH or RH drive. Probably a blow bulb.

There should be a reverse lig

There should be a reverse light & a fog light in the rear bummper as well. When the design was changed the old holes were just blanked over with a stick on cover (UK market). The wiring is no longer ther, but a kit can be bought from Daihatsu to bridge the gap. Or you can make up your own.
The reversing light in the old style light cluster is far superiour. I would always recomend fitting these lights.

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