oil overflow down turbo pipe?


Hi there everyone, Changed the oil and filter on my 94 fieldman last week, used a tun-dish to pour in the oil, but the rockercover filled up quicker than the oil drained down the block.
Anyway, filled to the level mark on the dipstick, started the engine, oil light went out and no leaks so stopped her.
Next day after starting and heading up the road the engine revved uncontrolably, rev counter was right back round to the little pin it rests on when stopped. Turned off key but had no effect.Got it stalled by standing on the brakes. Sat there for a few moments and restarted, it immediately done the same again, only now I was in neutral and couldnt get it into gear to stall it! Got it into 4th and got it stalled. I was OK when I started it again. Massive smoke screen for about 50 yards behind.
Luckily the engine dosen't seem to have been affected,so they must have built them tough.I assume when I overflowed the rocker cover oil drained down the "fumes" pipe to the turbo?
I wouldn't reccomend this expierence to anyone! Cheers. Nigel in Ireland.