F75 Brakes


My F75 pulls to the left when braking. Am I right to assume that there is a problem with the right hand brakes Unknw

Could it be a sticking piston Unknw If so what is the solution Unknw

Any help appreciated.

If it's pulling to the left w

If it's pulling to the left when breaking, it's probably the right hand calliper that is jamming up. Another way to cheack is break hard on a streight level road, then drive away. Once your up to 30mph+ let go of the steering wheel. If your on a road with little to no camber the car should continue vertually straight. If it quickly driffts to one side the break on that side may well be dragging.

This could be caused by a sticky piston. However it could also be one of the slid bars the calliper sits on. There is also anicdotal evidence els where on this site that removing the anti-rattle spring clips from around the break pads can solve this problem.

Any veiws expresed in this thread by me are purely from my own experience, and (sometimes) falible memory. Hope my comments help, but please don't take them as gospel.

The only real solution is to

The only real solution is to inspect the calipers...its a pretty easy job on a fourtrak...the pistons in the calipers can get pitted or sometimes even rusty...they are fairly easy to get out of the piston bore to clean up...use a trigger G clamp to push em back into bore after cleaning and applying a tiny amount of grease to the piston surface.

Back or front.

How severe is the 'pull to the left'? Dont exclude the rear brakes from you diagnosis.If the rear right-side brake is faulty then the car will pull to the left.
If the pull 'grabs' and dives left then suspect the front right-side caliper. If its an annoying pull to the left then it could be the rear right-side brake.
Also ... check the steering joints, track rod ends, and upper/lower ball joints. A failing joint could show under braking.