1998 Daihatsu Charade, last of its breed.


Im from australia, and not surpirsingly there isnt too many places there to look in terms of mods for diahatsu charades. I have owned a 1998 1.5L model for.. 2 years, and after starting my apprenticeship (as a light vehicle mechanic) its become more of an interest to use some of the knowledge to benefit myself.

So far, ive managed to soley custom build an air intake system, which mostly consists of removing the original intake pipe off the air box, cutting a much larger hole in the airbox, on the side that directly faces the air filter, and then sikaflex (silicone) a large 3 1/2 inch pipe that leads to the bottom of my front bumper, which effectively "scoops" air forcibly (assuming im moving) into the intake of the car. Thats fine, with a nice lil KNN filter in there, plenty more torque, probably a little more HP to boot, and it sounds sexy when the engine works a little (a dull gruff rumble from the intake).

Im going to replace the rims i put on a year ago with some 15" wider ones, find a coil over suspension kit, turbo it, intercool it, 2 1/4inch exhaust, and probably new ECU. Thats the first step. After i blow the engine, ill replace it with a 4a-ge ^_~.

The problem is, i dont WANT to HAVE to have a custom exhaust manifold... so the solution is a turbo designed to fit in the tiny engine bay of the charade. I am already moving the fans of the radiator to the front of the radiator, to make some more space, one of them anyhow.

Im wondering here if anyone knows where to find parts for:

Diahatsu Turbo
Coil over set
premade exhaust manifold

If not ill have to go the far more expensive road of custom making things for it, which isnt so bad, but money is an issue, to the point where depending on ease, depends on how much ill spend on this car. Cause next year or the year after (when im on more money) ill be looking for a S15 with a million nissan parts disposable every scrap yard and ebay store =p.