Very stupid question


Just got a new Charade and it's an automatic. My first car and I know nothing about anything !

I'd never heard of automatic transmission fluid before so my question is do I have to keep that topped up as well as the oil Unknw Do you just pour it into the tube where the dipstick is ?It's just not very clear in the manual.

Told you it was a stupid question !

hi mate If your that unsur

hi mate

If your that unsure as to where to put oil, perhaps you should get someone else to check it and top it up?

But in answer to your question, tranmission fluid, yeh! its got a gearbox, manual or auto needs oil in it. a gearbox will not use anywhere near as much oil as an engine (which might only need a little now and again, depends on what condition the engine is in)but its worth checking oil in gearboxes tranmisson parts, differentals etc. i dont know what your car is like, so cant specifically coment, on what to do!

dont try and mess around with the gearbox oil, if you have not got a clue, you might take out the wrong stud/nut and cause your self more problems than its worth.
the engine you poor oil in the cap ontop the rocker box cover!

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anyone wana ride in my hovercraft!

Cheers for that mate, really

Cheers for that mate, really just want to do the stuff I can do easily / am meant to do to keep the car running as it should.

I guess there's warning lights for most / all of the things that can be topped up. If the oil's low you get a warning, if the temperature light came on I'd know to top up the engine coolant (is that right ?!) and if no water came out for the windscreen I'd have to top up the screenwash. So probably I don't need to worry too much Unknw Presumably if the transmission fluid was low the shift would feel different or there'd be some physical sign of a problem with the gears and I'd know to top that up.

Thinking aloud to set my mind at rest !!

waiting untill warning lights

waiting untill warning lights come on for coolant/oil etc is a very bad idea! every couple of weeks, even once a month if your millage is low, then check the coolant/the engine oil etc!

the tranmisson oil should be checked and topped up by someone that knows what they are doing, look in your manual how often it should be changed, i bought a rocky couple of months ago, changed engine oil/transmisson oil etc. the gearbox and transfer box oil was like blakc mud, so changed that and wont again untill same time next year! same in the differentials.
so keep an eye on coolant levels periodically or before long trips and same for engine oil, and then change engine oil, oil filter, fuel filter etc as per millage stated in the manual!

anyone wana ride in my hovercraft!

anyone wana ride in my hovercraft!