Sportrak Spot Lights


I have a 1995 Sportrak Midnight and I have tried in vane to attach spot lights.

I have located the main beam feed, but this seems to turn the lights constanly when the ignition is on. A friend told me that I have to earth the lights via the negitive on the battery, but me not being mechanical minded, I am lost.
I have read of something called a dim/dip unit and how to sort this problem, but can't locate this unit.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

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Thats where I read about the

Thats where I read about the dim dip unit, but I cant find it.. Smile

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How old is your car. The ear

How old is your car. The earlier models didn't have dim/dip. Simple test, put the side lights only on (IE first light switch position) after dark. Have a look at the front of the car...
1) the side lights are the only ones on. You don'y have dim dip, (or of course it isn't working).
2) the side lights are on, and the main lights are on, but only weekley. That's dim/dip. The relay is above the passenger side foot well, up behind the dash.
As for your initial problem of continual live feed to the lights. This is becouse 4tax/sportis use a switched earth system for their main/dip beam switching.
When you switch the main light switch to the second position power goes from there to the headlights along what on a switched positive system would be the earth. Then it goes through both filiments, out of the bulb and back to the main/dip beam switch. The position of the main/dip switch determins which filiment gets an earth, thus turning that light on.
I hope that lightens the water a little?

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