K & N Filters Sportrak


I have read that I can change the air filter on my sportrak.

Which K & N Filter do I or should I use and where can I buy it online?

IOMSPORTY Scratch one-s head

Thanks for that. I fitted

Thanks for that.

I fitted it this morning and scared myself silly going up my drive, what a difference...

I'm as mad as a box of Frogs....

I'm as mad as a box of Frogs....


I'm quite interested in this mod myself, does it really make such a difference? It would be interesting if anyone with this mod has any rolling road bhp figures to compare to stock.
I once fitted a K&N induction kit and performance exhaust to a 1.8 Escort but had very little power improvement, and horrendous mpg! Sounded lovely though Smile


all I can tell you is that be

all I can tell you is that before I put it on, the acceleration was Okayish, nothing fancy. But i took it for a test spin and it was like a rocket.
I would deffo suggest that you do it.

I'm as mad as a box of Frogs....

I'm as mad as a box of Frogs....


Nice! Sounds worthwhile then.
Keep us posted on any changes to your fuel economy bearing in mind current crazy petrol prices.
Do you foresee any issues with off roading in the wet or fording deep water with regards to keeping cak from choking the filter?



fitted one to my f78 2.8td didnt make any noticable change in power .
but lets you clean your filter more often than having to buy them all the time which is handy in the summer months. didnt think that you could catch that many flies mine was atleast 1/3 full.

Well I went for it in the end

Well I went for it in the end and got one, £37 ordered from Motorworld.
Fitted it this evening, piece of cake, used a hefty cable tie instead of fabricating a bracket.
On to the road test - and the verdict?
Bladdy Hell!! Shok

Made a real difference, much more willing to pick up revs and a snorty
induction roar over 3000 rpm.
Took it onto the Motorway to try out any changes to top speed.
Now bearing in mind my Sporty used to struggle on to an eventual
90 mph flat out, this time things got a bit scary at 100 mph...yes
100 mph! (not that I condone breaking the speed limit)
Impressed by this mod I can tell you.


PS - don't see why it can't be fitted to a carb engine, but it may require fittng with different jets
to account for increased air flow to avoid leaning out the mixture.
Somebody may correct me on this if I'm mistaken.
Anyone out there done it to an HDC model?

it would certianly be logical

it would certianly be logical to jet up for the increase in air flow.
how are you gona suss out how much to jet up and how much to fiddle with the carb settings! on my tuned hovercraft engine i have exhaust gas temp gauges and cylinder temp gauges so good tuning can be made!

anyone wana ride in my hovercraft!

anyone wana ride in my hovercraft!

Ordered a filter

Just got off the phone with Filterpower. Delivery expected for mid week. Price is £32.01*. Excellent point of sale service from them. I tried our local Motorworld but they couldn't locate the filter from the code (R-1380). Can't wait to get it fitted!

*Sorry - meant to say that includes vat and postage.

Sportrak Filter Mod - Still not convinced

Well I did this filter mod about a month ago because the original setup did indeed seem to be strangled. The first journey I got the wicked power increase and throttle response. Now I all I get is less mpg.

I'm thinking that like most Fuel Injection engines the FI system has re-mapped itself to alter the leaner mixture/improved airflow and is simply putting more fuel into the equation (ie there is no such thing as a free lunch). Some evidence for this might be that the running temp has actually decreased, whereas you would expect an temp increase with a leaner mix (a hotter burn).

The induction roar above about 4K RPM is still impressive and very useful in the sense that I can't hear the missus moaning about how fast we are travelling, but a bit wearing on a long journey....

it might have more of an effe

it might have more of an effect on a non turbo engine?? has it had any effect at all on fuel use?
thats the main reason why i would fit one really! more air = better burn = higher thermal effciency = better MPG

anyone wana ride in my hovercraft!

anyone wana ride in my hovercraft!


I was thinking of putting a K&N filter on my Sportrak but looking at the pics posted I realised I had a HD-C engine whist those posted were HD-E.

Would I still be able to fit a K&N filter? And if so would it be the same method?


whoops wanted to post this at the bottom but messed up Smile

what a difference

just fitted mine, bloody hell what a difference, far nicer to drive now, more torque but less mpg but well worth it.
tapout or passout

tapout or passout