Horse power


Hi how much horse power does a fourtrak 2.8tdx have? and how does it compare with other similar cars eg shogun, landrover, etc.

BHP Fourtrak 85-91

Hi maverick fourtrak 85-91 non turbo 72 bhp.... 85-91 turbo diesel 87bhp ... revised 91- turbo diesel 100 bhp...... shogun 84-86 turbo diesel 80bhp..... 86-91 turbo diesel 98 bhp.....discovery 89- 111bhp....Defender 92- TD 107bhp....All taken from parkers+ guide but dont mention torque where the real power is, your fourtrak can legally tow 3.5 tonnes where as the mitsubishi 2.8 tonnes. hope this helps WALLY