I am thinking of fitting a set of generals to my rocky, i would like to here from you guys and find out what they would be like you see i like the looks of these tyres and i want my rocky to be ready for anything but it will proberly spend a lot of time on the road so i want to know if they will last what sort of mileage would i exspect from them at the moment rocky is fitted with dunlop at front and bridgestone on the rear size of 255/70r15 they dont touch anywhere i am on 15 x8 alloys only problem with that size not enough tyre choice so 31X 1050R15 i have found more chioce including mts or is there any tyres you can recomend thanks WALLY

Beware of noise.

I had General Grabber M/T on a Shogun. Great off road/snow/ice but the noise on wet/dry tarmac was aweful.


just fitted a set of bronco rough riders to my f78 tried them out in a local wood on saturday after some heavy rain was rather happy with them pulled out off deep ruts no problem.and they dont rub on the body or chasis.

general grabber 31x1050r15

hi thanks mace all terain tyres my other option or what would you recomend along these lines and i appreciate your reply as i need to replace 4 and want it to be more offroad prepared then it is i live in the penines where snow is heavy in winter i live on the side of an hill.then not to noisey that it would be unbearable on motorway speeds (60)MPH but i am prepared for some differance thanks WALLY