Wheel spacers


I have an 87 daihatsu fourtrak, i am thinking of putting 32mm wheel spacers on it. Will this shorten the life of my wheel bearings? or put an abnormal load on any part of the suspension?

dont do it

i was thinking about putting spacers on my 93 fourtrax and after
speaking with a off road god he told me not to bother as it will
destroy all the track rod ends and cvs the best bet is to put some different rims on it. go and find a off road shop and have a word with them about the best way to do it


many thanks, you confirmed what i thaught

Wheel Spacers

The suspension loads are mainly affected by the centerline of the wheel. Billet adapters usually correct offset issues when bolting newer style high offset wheels onto older cars or trucks that were designed with low offset wheels. A wheel with a 25mm offset and a 1" adapter is identical to the suspension as a 0mm factory wheel. These loads are the same on the wheel studs, bearings, bushings, because the wheel is in exactly the same location on the car.

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