adjustable shocks


i am after buying a 1989 rocky and it is in perfect condition.but there is no marking on the switch which adjusts the shocks.whic h is soft and which is hard,i can't tell.

I wouldnt worry as all 3 sett

I wouldnt worry as all 3 settings are variations on frighteningly unstable above 50 mph,maybe mine need replacing. Most knowledgable bods on here seem to suggest binning the originals and going for some aftermarket ones from Milners (see links page). If you cant tell it probably means that they are not working/not connected/siezed up etc.

My F75 has 3 way adj shocks

87 model ... vertical switch is on the small box thingy around the handbrake, top is hard, med in middle then soft down the bottom, adjusting them does work, feels "sportier" in hard mode.....

Jerry (New Zealand)
1987 F75 2.8 TD Rugger (Rocky, Fourtrak)
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