i want to buy a fourtrack


Hello, as the title says i'm thinking of buying a fourtrack. Had a drive in a 95 one last night and going to look at a couple more tomorrow so i've a couple of basic questions Smile The one we looked at last night (151k miles, good condition £2850) had the 2 seats in the boot but we couldn't see any seat belts, is that normal? What sort of mpg should i expect for normal driving and when towing a caravan?



rear belts

hi, if you are refering to the 6th and 7th seat in the luggage compartment,in my recently purchased 94 independant fourtrak i dont have seat belts either but in my last fourtrak a 89 there were lap straps which might have been put in by last owner.i'm not a great beleiver of these seats which i removed in old but have left in new one for the moment.i'm sure the make shift belts are still in the garage if you did need them.as for the fuel i havent worked it out properly since only having this one for 3 or 4 weeks but the 89 non turbo was coming into the 28 to 30mls to the gallon but drastically reduced when towing but ive been told that was due to no turbo and i did have a few probs on last one but i find if you use the search button at the top you will prob find loads of info from previous posts
hope this is of some use ,there has been a few post on buying which ive used myself what tells you what to look out for which was a great help to me.only thing i would add if you dont know much about car electrics you will have to learn very quickly.
you'll get loads of help from this site Bill

Thanks for your reply, i'm re

Thanks for your reply, i'm reading through all the posts (page 36 so far, must do some work soon ;)) mpg looks to be 25-30 which is reasonable enough. Hopefully tomorrows cars will have belts in the back or the missus will say no Sad