Tyre brand


Can anyone help?
I need 2 new tyres for my fourtrak, firstly, do I have to buy the same brand as the other 2 I have on the trak or can I buy a different brand as long as they are the same size?
Does anyone know the best place to go in or around the Coventry area?
Finally, am I ok to buy economy tyres, at present I have 215/75 15's (federal) tyres, I dont do alot of off road driving, only the occasional weekend when towing a horse trailer.

Brand of tyre is not importan

Brand of tyre is not important. Size is (they should all be the same). Also don't mix cross-ply tyres with radials.
Economy tyres is a bit of a misnoma. They may be half the price, but they usually only last a third of the millage. Don't misunderstand me, there is nothing 'wrong' with them. If there all your budget will stretch too here fine, but it is a fuls 'economy' most of the time..

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