slipping sporty clutch


just back from my maiden offroading session in my 92 sportrak. had great fun and machine performed well. but! clutch started slipping like hell on my way home. How long does it take to do the clutch and are there any tricks or tips to doing it.what is easier remove the engine or the box? are there any heavy duty clutches available for the sporty? any info appreciated ,Cheers

If you have a four/two post r

If you have a four/two post ramp like you may find in a garage workshop then it's easier to drop the gearbox out. Other wise the engine out is the way to go. It'll take you at least half a day.
A thought befor you go spending good money on a new clutch though. Where you were playing, was there a fair bit of wadeing in sluddgy water or similar? If so you may have gunged the clutch mecasnisum up, and the clutch plate itself is fine. If you look behind the sump you'll see a tin plate covering the bottom of the front of the bellhousing (4 bolts holding). If you remove this you can see the bottom of the flywheel. A good jet washing up behind the fly wheel may be all that is needed to solve your clutch problem.

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