Thoughts about YRV turbo supercharged engine...


I like YRV turbo VERY MUCH, really! But it`s super- turbocharged engine is worrying me... I want to buy used YRV.

Does anybody knows HOW long it will work?! Help

I know that Daihatsu use almostly the same engine, like for Toyota Yaris/Vitz. Also I know a lot of Toyota Vitz/Yaris owners who happy with their cars. They are just drive their car and nothing to worry about.

Or maybe I`m wrong and nothing to worry about? Smile

Turbo or Supercharge:

The YRV is Turbo charged, not supercharged.... Both are Forced Induction but a turbo uses exhaust gasses to spin the turbine where as a supercharger uses a belt.

As for the YRV turbo, I have never driven one, I own a YRV Premium and a Copen which is also Turbocharged... if like most Turbo cars you look after them and stick to regular maintenance you shouldn't have any problems.