Fourtrak suspension lift


I have a d reg 87 fourtrak, i was just wondering if it is possible if anyone knows where i can buy some high lift shackles for my leaf springs front and back so that it will give me a little more ground clearance. Thats assuming that i can buy them.

fourtrak suspension lift

Apparently Landrover 109 MILITARY shackles work well although I think you need spacers as the Fourtrak springs are narrower than LR ones. I know Gon2Far sell these and probably most other Landrover spares people do as well.

I'd always sugest a body lift

I'd always sugest a body lift, rather than an axle lift. It will still let you put bigger tyres under your car (that being the only way to get your diffs higher), but will not raise your centre of gravity so much. That way you end up with the hight you want, and a more stable car than an axle lift will give you.

That said my own opinion is 'leave well alone'. You can get 31/10.50-15's, on 7/8" rims, onto a standard car with little rubbing. That will give you a little more diff clearance, and superb stability. Or 750/16's on 5/6" rims will give you a bit more diff clearance (again with minimal rubbing) but not so good on the handeling. This will give you the best green lane or RTV trial car, as you have beter than standard diff clearence, with little lose of stability, or clearence under hanging obsticals.

If of course your just after road posability.
1) 3" axle lift. Cut the spring mounts off the cassis, and re-weld (with strengthaning) 2"'s lower. This gives you lift without changing the diff angle, and 3" shouldnt over tax the uj's on your props.
2) 3" body lift. Undo body mounting bolts. Cut 3" lengths of approproat bore tub (or box section). Use longer bolts to re-fix body with tub/box between body & chassis. Remember you will have to check and possibly lengther break pipes, electrics, etc.
Now you should be able to get stupidly big tyres on very offset (possibly with wheel spacers, definitly with extra wheel arch extensions) wheels under you soon to be monster truck. Of course that much extra load on the bearings is not condusive to their long life. Also with this much over gearing, you may want to think about a petrol (F80) transfur box, and F20 diffs (lower ratio), so it'll actually move.

PS. Having driven a Suzuki with extended front shackles I would strngly advise against it. The stearing is greatly 'sofened' by it. IE, you have to take up the extra twist in the shakles befor you turn the wheels. At rest you had to move the stearing wheel 3" from straight ahed befor the wheels started to move.

Any veiws expresed in this thread by me are purely from my own experience, and (sometimes) falible memory. Hope my comments help, but please don't take them as gospel.

body lift

A body lift sounds great, i looked and my body has 10 mount points onto the chassis. all brake pipes look like they can be adjusted bit unsure about the filler neck. Looking at the engine bay there is a lot of bits like the rad with coolant pipes that might not strech!