Sportrak MOT tip


Ours flew thru another MOT today (and after all the sweat I put in fitting a new exhaust, I was glad) and I had a little chat with the tester.

Apparently, a few recently have gone down with brake pipe failure, because the metal pipe going to the rear catches all the crud. So it would be a good idea to give them a coat of Ku-rust and then a smear of grease, esp before the winter draws on.

Another job......


hi i have just bought a perodua nippa and it has daihatsu running gear could you please tell me what exhaust from a daihatsu would fit thanks


you could try getting a cuore exhaust and cutting the tail box off. Look up daihatsu exhaust on internet daihatsu mira (same as perodua nippa) not listed but cuore exhaust looks very similar but cheaper and a bit longer.